Self Leadership


Self-Leadership takes the concepts of leadership, and begins to have an individual apply it to themselves. The idea that drives self-Leadership is the understanding of oneself first!!  The focus is on their personal strengths, weaknesses, attitudes, values, and world view.   It’s an ongoing journey about what “self” brings into their life, environment, and their world.  Also it’s about how to carry and conduct oneself  in such a way that people are willing to follow and realizing that they have an influence over another weather intended or unintended. It’s ideal for any person who is seeking change in their life.   


Family Leadership


The focus of the Family Leadership Series is on each individual viewing themselves as “part of a whole”, “a cog in the family wheel”.  The process not only improves the leadership skills of each family member but, assist the daily functions of the family by accepting greater responsibility for everyone’s success.  Ultimately, each person becomes more responsible for their role in the family and understands the “how” and “why” their decisions can disrupt or enhance personal and family goals.


Team Leadership 


The Team Leadership Development series not only improves the leadership skills of each staff member but, improves the overall functioning of the team. Individual strengths and weaknesses are identified, examined and blended to maximize the efforts of the team.  Ultimately, each staff person accepts more responsibility for their position in the team and productivity is elevated. This series is ideal for people with small business.